Speeches & presentations

for National NHS technology leaders

THE PEOPLE: The national leaders of all technology in the NHS and social care system; the Chief Clinical Information Officer, Chief Information Officer and Chief Digital Officer.

THE TASK: Taking the health and care system’s strategy, plans and progress in technology, combining them with the unique perspective, insight and speaking style of each national leader, and using it to construct individual speeches and presentations to  engage the public, staff and developers with the digital transformation of the NHS. Speeches and presentations were used at events including Health+Care, Digital Healthcare Show, Health and Care Innovation Expo, Millenial 20/20, HIMMS UK e-Health Week.

WHY US: We’re great at telling stories authentically. That means we take the time to understand the unique voice and style of those we write for, by building relationships that enable us to understand how they communicate and what makes them tick. The portfolio of work managed by these leaders was complex and varied, so communicating it required an extreme attention to detail, and ability to interrogate information, understand the connections between topics, translate them into plain English, and work closely with the leader to structure presentations perfectly.

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